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Mind Analytica CPM
The Circumplex Personality Model

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More advanced and better than typical personality tests

The Circumplex Personality Model

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When people have different degrees of teamworking

Teamwork Situational Judgment Test

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Teamwork Situational Judgment Test
Work-Related Need Manifestation Questionnaire

Some people like to work in a team but others do not

Need Manifestation

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Services for General Users

Know yourself through
a psychological assessment

Psychologically assess yourself
to get a certificate with a fee

Recognize your inner changes
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Build a resume from
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Receive contacts from the companies
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Services for Public or Private Organizations, and SMEs

Know yourself through
a psychological assessment

Psychologically assess yourself
to get a certificate with a fee

Consultation and research
for personnel selection

Psychological tests usage training
for/with employees

Create a test specific to your organization

Personnel selection using the Mind Analytica's database

Conduct a psychlogical research through a variety of methods

About Us 1

About Us Mind Analytica

Imagine a job applicant having to send a resume to various companies knowing that there were a lot of applicants. Those who are responsible for personnel selection have little time to consider each resume. How would you make the applicant's resume stand out? Is it possible for the applicant to write on their resume what their potential is? What are their characters? Which of their personality traits are suitable for that job?

MindAnalytica is, therefore, established to develop standardized tests on psychological characteristics (such as, intelligence, personality, motivation, etc.). Applicants can take the test and then write the assessment results on their resume or discuss them during job interviews. For example, a candidate can unmistakably say that he or she is good at working in a team as evidenced by the standardized test results from MindAnalytica.

About Us 2
About Us 3

In addition, MindAnalytica also provides consulting service for various organizations in order to strategize how to recruit people with the desired characteristics from our database. We also arrange standardized testing services for organizations to select and promote their personnel, and even evalutate training needs for organizations to be able to benefitially manage their human resource costs.

The MindAnalytica team started with a small team. We gradually develop standardized tests starting with a personality and teamwork tests, and many more. All of the tests we have created must be supported by theories and statistical analysis results. Our team is uniquely knowledgeable in using advanced measurement and assessment expertise to analyze data. With that, we are capable of recognizing which assessment items are good items and analyze whether the scores obtained are of sufficient quality or not so that those who use the assessment results can benefit from the scores they get with confidence.

About Us 4

Mind Analytica Team

  • ดร. สันทัด พรประเสริฐมานิต

    Sunthud Pornprasertmanit

    and General Manager

    Ph.D. & Postdoc in Quantitative Psychology from the University of Kansas, an adjunct lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology, Chulalongkorn University, gaining outstanding acehievements in applied psychology research

  • ณัฐพัชร์ สิมะรังสฤษฎิ์

    Nattapat Simarangsarit

    Research and Data Manager

    M.A. in Social Psychology and B.S. in Psychology, earning a doctoral degree in Applied Psychology, gaining outstanding acheivements in social psychology research

  • Thiti Ponkosonsirilert

    Research and Brand Manager

    B.A. in Communication Arts and B.S. in Psychology, having distinguished works in mental health in teenagers and currently interested in neuropsychology

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